Flexible time off options

Flexible working hours, depending on employees’ personal and business roles, and actively support working from home.


Labor Insurance, Citizen Health Care Insurance, and free Corporate Insurance.


  • Yearly company tour, Inland or aboard, it depends on the company performance.
  • Accompany breeding leave: 2 days for male employee’s.
  • Annual leave: better than terms stated in the Local Labor Law.

Education assistance program

The training may be focused on your needs today, but we also consider your ambitions for tomorrow. In agreement with your manager, we will provide the training and development you need for your next role so as to bring you closer to your career goals.


  • Year-end bonus
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • Chinese dragon boat & Moon Festival bonus
  • Birthday gift coupon & party

Aggressive Incentive program

Performance-related pay

Year-end party and gift

Big event for every team member - big gift winning grantee!!

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